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As the scene of one of the twentieth century´s most famous novels is a palatial mansion that gleams of luxury and bathed in electric light. The huge property is located in  West Egg on Long Island, New York. Here comes the city´s elite to enjoy themselves in another glamorous party. The owner of the house, the mysterious and mythical Jay Gatsby will not be visible to very often. Malicious rumors abound endlessly around the enigmatic man whose tragic life story is not yet known among the superficial and selfish crowd on the guest list . One day Gatsby sends a hand written invitation to his neighbor Nick Carraway. Nick who just moved to New York from the Middle West to living from trading with bonds. He´s also one of few sympathetic people in this book and a big reason for that is probably that he comes from a secure childhood with sound values. It´s also through the narration of Nick the reader is taken into the heart of the story. At first Nick had the same  frosty attitude to Gatsby like any other but over time developed their acquaintance in a positive direction and Gatsby confides everything else for him. It turns out that behind the facade hides a story lined with lies, deceit and obsession that culminates in one and the same person; Nick Carraway´s first cousin Daisy Buchanan. Daisy who  lives with her blue-blooded husband Tom on the other side of Long Island has hidden her secret well but are now confronted with the past. When it´s revealed that Gatsby and Daisy had a relationship just before the war opens up for a delicious eternal triangle.

F Scott Fitzgerald describes in an accurate manner the era in U.S history became known as the Roaring Twenties. During this time flourished even cultural and Fitzgerald himself coined the term” jazz age”. The electric light, the car and the telephone also became more common during this time, which the author point out clearly in his story. His use of language is amazing and I have never before read so vivid and poetic meditations about trivial things like a phone call or a description of a car. I can understand how new and important these things were at this time. The author describes in a cynical way with a lighthearted tone how superficial and corrupt it was among people in the upper class of society. Many of them believed that everything could be bought for money, but this story will prove otherwise that the American Dream for most people is just a dream.
This seemingly harmless pretty thin book contains so much more than I have the skills to analyze, but I think if you read between the lines I´m sure that you can find how many hidden messages anytime.


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